General Manager,  Claire Barnes
From our General Manager, Claire Barnes…
“This year, for our Christmas collection we looked at how different regions, within Australasia, celebrate the festive season.

“Although there are many different languages, landscapes, cultures and beliefs, we are tied together by many shared traditions.

“From New Caledonia to Niue, Sydney to the Solomon Islands, the traditions of flora and fauna, the coming together of families, the sharing of food and drink, of dance and music, colour and fragrance.

“It is these shared traditions that led us to our three festive fragrances; Lagoon is inspired by the festive season in the Pacific Islands, Sakura has been inspired by the festive season in Indonesia and Fresh Pine (now into its ninth year) is inspired by the festive season in Australia and New Zealand.
“In Indonesia, we commissioned a photographer to capture gatherings and celebrations surrounding the festive season, the incredible street decorations and offerings that feature and we had this all captured last Christmas, so it has continued to provide inspiration throughout the year.
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“Likewise in the Cook Islands, we again commissioned a photographer to capture gatherings, the coming together of families, specifically around the church, which is an incredibly important tradition in the Cook Islands, the incredible hand weaving and beautiful blue waters of the Islands.
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“With our Fresh Pine fragrance, our team recreated a beautiful Christmas lunch, complete with a Christmas tree, pavlova and pressies and featuring some of our own families.

“All of these moments and traditions mentioned above were translated to pack through a contemporary and colourful design and likewise and perhaps most importantly, with our fragrances.

“We’re incredibly proud of this collection and hope our customers love it too.”
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