Jodie Fairweather AKA @bondimumma – A gorgeous woman whose Instagram name reveals the life she shares with her followers, living beachside at arguably one of Australia’s most famous beaches.

An honest and inspiring woman, a mother of three boys, an incredible cook and all round great gal. Jodie welcomed us into her Bondi Beach home that she shares with her husband Sam and sons Hugo, Rocco and Beau.
ECOYA's Bondi Mumma
Q. How would you describe your interior style?
I don't really feel have a ‘style’ per se. I have a family home. Most days looking disheveled, but that’s how life with three young boys is and should be right - it’s really important its comfortable, practical (and durable)! I do like to keep things contemporary and pretty neutral and I’m an absolute sucker for anything navy!

Q. If you had one scent to fragrance your home with, what would it be?

I absolutely love Sweet Pea & Jasmine. I have diffusers in this fragrance all around my house, especially in the bathrooms (living with four males it’s a must)! In the kitchen, I do tend to burn more citrus based fragrances, or anything really bold. Come Christmas time, I’m all about the Fresh Pine. I’m totally obsessed with this scent!

ECOYA's Interior Inspo
Q. What are your go-to / must have beauty staples?
I have been using the Liberty Belle RX skincare range for the past seven months and hand on my heart I can honestly say it’s totally transformed my skin.

Q. What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

I would say the kitchen. It’s my happy place. Some of my fondest memories growing up were in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother. I love listening to my boys chatter about their dreams over breakfast at our kitchen bench and of course come dinner time this is where all the beautiful chaos happens. Great chats and loads of arguments!
Never a dull moment.

Q. You obviously adore cooking, what fragrances do you burn to enhance any foodie smells (good or bad?)

I’m currently burning the new Limited Edition Bamboo Leaf & Cucumber. It’s so fresh and herby.
Bathroom Style
Q. What would be your one dream interior item (if money was no object)?

I really love Jai Vasicek’s artworks. They’re so intricate and so beautiful.

Q. What’s always on your bedside?

Our wedding photo and photos of my beautiful boys, my Liberty Belle RX POWERBROKER moisturiser to lather on before bed, my Sweet Pea & Jasmine Handcream and always a bottle of water.