Whether you’re working from home or just trying to unwind in the evening, lighting a candle and creating some ambience in your home is a perfect way of ensuring you slow right down.

Here are our go-to Winter fragrances.
Vanilla Bean Candle
Vanilla Bean

Influenced by the velvety, full-bodied Pacific vanilla bean and folded with creamy tones of butterscotch to create an indulgent, luxurious fragrance.

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Curl up with a comforting blend of spiced honey, cashmere and oak. Combined with hints of tonka bean, amber and patchouli, this sophisticated scent embodies the Winter season.

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Bitter Rhubarb

Bitter winter rhubarb and tart citrus notes of orange and mandarin create an evocative and intriguing combination. This fruity winter fragrance is supported by notes of vanilla and sandalwood, making it ideal for the comfy, lounging season.

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Spiced Ginger & Musk

East meets West as the influences of spicy Indonesian ginger and iris open up to a warm heart of vanilla, amber and patchouli. A spicy fragrance to warm any humble abode.

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Cedarwood & Leather

A warm, woody, unisex fragrance with cosy notes of leather, clove and cedarwood creating a deep, enveloping fragrance.

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